David Quintanilla is an artist living in San Diego California originally from El Paso, TX. His work includes Photography, paintings, graphic and interior design, furniture and clothing. A creative jack-of-all trades that puts as much attention to quality as he does to creativity.

Inspired by his predominantly hispanic and catholic community while growing up in West Texas he turned to art as an outlet for self-expression. When most kids were outside playing he was inside creating something. He begged his parents to enroll him in every art class he could get into. As a teen he was exposed to graffiti art and body art and realized that creativity didn't have boundaries.

David has been working as a portrait and editorial photographer for over a decade. In 2016 he was the recipient of the Pulse Artist Award by the LGBT Literary foundation, an honor given to a chosen artist of color for their work celebrating diversity. David recently showed his collection entitled "Redemption" in a solo exhibition at the prestigious Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA.) His work has been published in international publications such as DNA Magazine, Endless Vacation and Manhattan Digest to name a few. He has photographed sports stars and celebrities but his most notable work is his Avant Garde Portraiture of everyday people. David gained national attention in 2009 for his Boycott Hate Campaign, a social media photo campaign he started in protest to the controversial immigration law being passed in Arizona. The campaign went viral and elevated David's career. He became the exclusive photographer and guest judge on The CW’s reality television show, Model Material. Before moving to Southern California he did a brief internship with New York based celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz on a series of promotion photos and videos.

His talent for visual aesthetics has landed him commissioned work as a graphic designer and interior decorator. David’s latest project is his men’s luxury clothing brand Krave and Kulture made in the U.S.A. David not only designs all the art work on the clothing but designs the cut and finishes of every garment. Visit the online store here.

I live my life through my eyes. My obsession with visual pleasure is what leads me to create, it’s what makes me an feel like an artist. With any of my projects I try to create a beautiful, poetic, unexpected and unforgettable visual.
— David Quintanilla